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The Experience Box - Bialetti moka + coffee

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Giving a gift is always complicated, you never know if it will be appreciated or not, which is why you look for objects that are often trivial. We have created this Kit with Specialty Coffee and Moka, to represent the right gift for those who love Italian style and good coffee. If you are looking for a simple but appreciated gift by all.

We have two proposals:

  1. Moka Bialetti and 1 packet of coffee: The perfect gift for those who don't want to spend too much, essential but effective. Inside the package there is a 3-cup Bialetti Moka and 1 packet of La Dolce Vita blend (sweet taste)
  2. Moka Bialetti and 2 packets of coffee: The gift for those who want to amaze. Inside is a 3-cup Bialetti Moka and 2 packets of coffee, a Brazil with a cocoa and hazelnut flavor and a Dolce Vita Blend (sweet flavour)

The coffees are all roasted with a roast that enhances the characteristics of each of them, expertly by our Italian Roasting Champion 2020, Davide Cobelli.

“Every time I roast the blends, I remember our origins, what captures me is this scent of goodness, an indescribable scent that accompanies all of us in roasting. Every time I tell myself that I did my job well, because every day I fall in love with the coffee I prepare"


Below is a brief description of each coffee:
  1. The sweet life: A blend of 100% Arabica coffee of the highest quality. Round and soft, with low acidity and a good body, enveloping and persistent. A coffee that does not disappoint the most refined palates and also brings people accustomed to full-bodied coffees closer. A flavor of maple syrup, brown sugar and blueberry..

  2. Brasile Mantiqueira Ruby: It is a coffee that comes from a project that gives voice to more than 1000 producers gathered in a cooperative. The Rubi micro-batch is balanced and soft, perfect for enjoying a quality coffee every day.

How to choose:


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We roast in two different ways, dividing into two main groups, based on the type of extraction:

  • Light: suitable for Filter/Aeropress-type extractions, or for those looking for a coffee with a note of marked acidity and many aromas.
  • Medium: suitable for Espresso/Moka extractions, or for those who want a coffee with a much more intense flavor and a touch of bitterness.
come scegliere il miglior caffè in base alla tostatura


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There are dozens of different grinds, it can be said that each machine or equipment needs a grind ad hoc.

With us you can choose to buy ground coffee for Moka or Filter.

We have tried to summarize them as follows:

  • Ibrik/Cezve:
  • Espresso:
  • Moka:
  • V60 Filter:
  • Chemex:
  • French Press/Infuser:
Le diverse macinature per i migliori specialty coffee

How to:


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Espresso requires some precision rules:

  • Quality coffee
  • Roasting within 30 days
  • Fine Grind
  • Water temperature around 90-92°
  • A single serving of 8-9g (double of 15-17g)
  • Extraction time approximately 25 seconds

The use of quality espresso machines (range from €600 upwards) can ensure a better result.
Machines that also have a coffee grinder to grind "fresh" coffee are preferable

Macchina espresso specialty coffee


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The Moka requires a little attention:

  • Use filtered or bottled water (NO TAP)
  • Roasting within 30 days
  • Medium-fine grinding
  • Fill the boiler with water without going over the valve
  • Put the ground coffee into the filter without pressing or making ontagnettes, simply level it at the edge
  • Put on medium heat
  • Wait for the liquid to rise through the chimney pot, without letting it bubble (TURN OFF AS SOON AS THE FLOW OF COFFEE STARTS TO GO FAST AND COLORLESS)
  • Mix before serve

The Moka must only be washed with water and any neutral detergents (taking care to rinse thoroughly with water), never in the dishwasher or with abrasive sponges.

Moka specialty coffee


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Filter or Chemex coffee requires precision in timing and in weights, some advice:

  • Quality coffee
  • Roasting within 20 days
  • Medium grind (medium coarse for Chemex)
  • Filtered or bottle
  • Water temperature around 90-94° depending on the coffee used (generally washed at higher temperatures)
  • About 15g of ground coffee for every 250g of water (chemex at least 30g per 500g of water)
  • Pre-infuse 30-40 seconds pouring in hot water for double the weight of coffee used
  • Pour the water in two or three steps at will with a rotational direction being careful not to create too much turbulence
  • Contact/percolation time approximately 3 minutes (4-5 for Chemex)

A light toast is generally recommended for filter systems

Caffè filtro e chemex specialty coffee


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The Aeropress requires some precision rules:

  • Quality coffee
  • Roast within 20 days
  • Medium grind (or as preferred)
  • Use filtered or bottled water
  • Water temperature approximately 85-90°
  • A dose of approximately 17g per 200-220g of water
  • Pour water for pre-infusion for 30-40 seconds
  • Mix with the appropriate spoon
  • Then pour the remaining water and close the cap
  • Turn the aeropress upside down and press firmly but constantly until extraction is complete
  • Total contact/infusion time of 2-3 minutes
Aeropress best specialty coffee


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There are dozens of different systems for extracting coffee, we have summarized the main ones here but if you need to know how to do the others not on the list, contact us

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