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We think that quality coffee should be accessible to all. To do this we built our project with the values ​​in which we strongly believe.

PRODUCTION CHAIN: We believe in compliance with the coffee supply chain (The Coffee Chain), we want a relationship of direct dignity with people who, on the other side of the world, cultivate, collect and work quality coffee, because they are families just like us.

TRANSPARENCY: The doors of our company are always open. A bit like the kitchens of modern restaurants. We are ready to share our choices and our philosophy with you.

INNOVATION: We are enthusiastic experimenters, we like to innovate and seek because of things. We believe that the web allows us to cut all the bridges and be closer to you.

QUALITY: We select, Roast, taste and buy only the best coffee in the world, not because they are famous or fashionable, but because after a careful taste we perceive something unique and extraordinary in them.

ENVIRONMENT: We adopt an advanced CO abatement system bearing values ​​well below the levels set by law. We don't do it because we have to, but because we want. Nature must not necessarily be weakened by the work of man.

Fresh harvests: The green coffee we work comes from current crops, more expensive but that ensure a higher product. We don't take lots of green coffee that have more than 12 months from harvesting.



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