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Our coffees in the web shop are aimed at individuals, even if billable, if you are a Reseller or a Bar/Cafeteria with higher purchasing needs, contact us by filling in the data below, we will send you our dedicated price lists, with access to discounts. We believe in partnerships, we don't believe in simple seller-buyer relationships.

But be careful, before contacting us, read HERE




You don't always want to waste time or invest to create a Roasting plant, which also has a high cost, we simply believe we know how to do our job well as Roasters and therefore we are available to those Companies that need to have a product with their own brand, but with the quality and Know How of Garage Coffee Bros. We remain available to collaborate to increase your success.



We admit it, we use the most cutting-edge technologies and the highest quality machinery. If you want to start in this world of roasting and you are interested in having a company without the initial costs of a company, then you are in the right place. With us you have the possibility to rent our equipment and our know-how to get started without having to sell your grandmother's dentures. We are flexible and available.

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