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Garage Coffee Bros. for Sustainability


Our commitment to greater sustainability begins in conjunction with the birth of our company in 2018. Today we want to put our daily commitment on paper, so that our work and our passion have as little negative impact as possible on this world.


What do we do concretely?

Here are the projects and actions we implement:

1. Since the first roast in 2018, we have chosen an IMF roasting machine which is equipped with Catalyst. A special burner that works at an average temperature of 600°c and thanks to that temperature is able to reduce emissions of NOx, CO2, CO, Formaldehyde, etc. into the atmosphere.

2. In October 2021, we decided to implement the first step on packaging, as follows:

  • We only use recycled cardboard boxes and paper tape for e-commerce packaging
  • We have gone from triple-coupled packaging (Plastic/Aluminium/Plastic) to 100% recyclable plastic packaging created with CO2 Neutral.

3. We have activated a project in collaboration with the Shopify E-Commerce Platform, through an App called PLANET. L'App Planet lets you offer carbon-neutral shipping on all orders while supporting some of the most promising climate projects on the planet. Planet automatically calculates the estimated emissions for shipping each of your orders

4. With the initiative "Buy 1. Plant 1."every time you buy a package on E-commerce, we have a Mangrove planted in Madagascar, think that a Mangrove can absorb up to 300kg of CO2 in its life cycle! You can also choose to plant 3 Mangroves for €1 more!

5. In addition to the PLANET/Shopify project, we join the "Climate Protect" by GLS Courier. Climate Protect is the environmental strategy of GLS which aims for climate neutrality through emissions compensation, also in this case the shipments are compensated in projects aimed at eliminating CO2 from the air, furthermore the economic contribution is used to purchase electric vehicles with low climate impact. Furthermore GLS rcarries out forest conservation projects and installation of systems for the production of energy from renewable sources, thanks to partnerships with specialized and certified agencies in the sector. 

5. Adopt a coffee tree in Ecuador with Treedom. We have created albums to collect our various coffee labels. Every time the album of labels to collect is completed, the adoption of a Coffee Tree in Ecuador is given as a gift.

6. The Farmgate Price project begins in 2023. We care about the taste and price of the coffee we buy. In technical terms it is called "Farmgate Price" and identifies the real price paid to those who produce it, we buy raw coffee in two ways: 1. directly from farmers/cooperatives, 2. from specialty coffee importers in Europe. In the second case, we ask our suppliers to share the price real that they paid for the coffee they resell to us. In the future you will see this item more and more in our cafes.


We are not perfect and we know it, but we want to be transparent!

Yes, ok, but at the end of all, what does Sustainability mean?

Con the deadline sustainability, used for the first time in 1992 during the premiere UN conference on the environment, means the “condition of a development model capable of ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to realize their own”. This is one definition of sustainability which focuses above all onecology but, to date, the term sustainability is also associated with concepts such as economy and society. So what does sustainability mean?

It is precisely thanks to the term "sustainability” and what it means that the human being began to pay attention to the greenhouse effect It is to the hole in the ozone layer, situations arising precisely from use unsustainable of environmental resources.


If we wanted to give a definition to the word "sustainability” that is not directly centered on the environment, we would speak of it as the necessary condition to achieve global equilibrium between man and ecosystem. An indispensable balance for the proliferation of mankind over time.


The approach to Sustainability, what are the application sectors?

There are 3 main areas:

  1. Environmental: That is, the condition through which the process of exploitation of natural resources, aimed at technological development or the sustenance of human beings, has the possibility of becoming less impactful on the environment in order to allow its coexistence also for future generations. (see for example the intensive cultivation of low quality coffee)
    Without the realization of environmental sustainability plans globally shared and with targeted multi-annual objectives, humankind will soon have to deal with the most catastrophic consequences of its constant exploitation of environmental resources.
    The deforestation, l’advancement of deserts, it melting glaciers and its consequent rising sea and ocean levels, The hole in the ozone layer, l’rise in global temperature these are just a few examples of what mankind will have to face.
    Someone strategy already implemented to improve environmental sustainability are development of green areas in urban spaces, l’ever greater attention to industrial production, l’use of renewable energy sources and the recycling or it correct waste disposal.
  2. EconomicThat is, the concept of sustainability linked to ability of an economic system to produce income and work with consistency.
    It may not be so obvious what an economic system that is not sustainable is destined to become extinct. (see for example the exploitation of farmers by large industries that take advantage of poverty to pay very little for coffee) If work is not encouraged and income is not produced, money does not circulate and the economic system collapses. This is why, in a society that finds its stability in the economic system, it is essential that this is sustainable. It is no coincidence, in fact, that one of the paradigms of the economy is growth
  3. Social: That type of sustainability that allows cohesion of a society that is able to support its members who, by collaborating with the aim of achieving common objectives, are also able to achieve individual well-being. (an example is the Cooperation between farmers and coffee producers)
    A paradigm of the social sciences is, in fact, the concept of equality.

We have a long way to go, we know it! But we have begun the first steps towards the future

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