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Garage Coffee Club


Our exclusive Club is dedicated to Garage Coffee Bros. customers (both in the online shop and in the physical stores). In practice: the more you buy, the less you spend, accessing exclusive discounts that you get from time to time when you reach each step.

Immediately, by registering at the points of sale, you will get an immediate 10% discount at the checkout. In addition, both online and in stores, you will get the first 20 points.

As soon as you register on the site within a minute we will send you an email with the registration confirmation that you can, for example, show at the cashier to get the first 10% discount on your purchase.

You can buy online through our E-commerce or by going to Garage Coffee Bros. and for every euro you spend you will receive 1 point.
Please note that online and offline points can be combined, i.e. the sum of the different purchases increases your points portfolio each time.

Starting today by going to the site you will be able to access yours reserved area using the button at the bottom right ("Join the Club") or by entering your account in the bar at the top right to see what level you are but above all what discounts you have accumulated.

Come accedere al Club di Garage Coffee Bros.

The system is quite simple. Every time you buy you will be awarded points, exactly 1 for every euro spent. So if you buy two packs of coffee and spend € 30 you will get exactly 30 points.

  1. These points will be used to reach levels from time to time.
  2. Each level can have discounts reserved for you.
  3. Obviously the more you level up, the more advantages you have.
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