Caffè per Cold brew
Caffè per Cold brew
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COLD BRRR - Blend for cold brew

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The Blend for Cold Brew has been studied by blending three different coffees to obtain body and thickness from Natural Brazil, the floral notes and fine acidity of washed Ethiopia and finally the sweetness and citrus notes of Colombia.



Cold Brew (immersion):

80g of medium ground coffee (moka pot)

1lt of cold water (preferably bottled)

Leave for about 8 hours in a container (preferably hermetically sealed) in the refrigerator. Stir briefly every couple of hours.

Finally, filter with a fine cloth or specific paper.


Cold Drip (percolation):

30g of fine ground coffee (espresso)

400g of cold water (preferably bottled)

Put the ground coffee in the appropriate basket, and the water in the container above, open the tap (if available) so that a drop of water every second falls on the coffee, infusing it, until it is used up (usually from 4 at 6 hours).

Store in the refrigerator for up to 48-72 hours at a controlled temperature.

Serve cold accompanied by ice cubes and, if desired, dilute by adding up to 20% cold water (depending on need/will).

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