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Treat yourself to the extraordinary experience of this Cascara! Enveloping, with strong notes of flowers (in particular roses and hibiscus), a sweet acidity and a touch of fruit such as cherries, melon and red fruits. A perfect infusion to be enjoyed both cold in summer and hot in winter: a hug that will fill your senses!
Be careful, Cascara is the coffee cherry, not coffee beans!


Sensory profile:Fruit and floral 

Taste&Body:Sweet, juicy and finely acidic

Aromatic notes:Rose, hibiscus, red fruits, melon

Package weight 100g
Origin Costa Rica
Area West walley
Cooperative/Farm Greetings de Zarcero
Microlot Cascara tea
Altitude 1700m
Variety Caturra, Catuaì, Villalobos
Process Depulped/Pasteurized/Dehydrated


Rich in antioxidants, cascara is the peel and pulp of coffee cherries. Typically, when coffee is processed, the husk is a byproduct of the process and ends up as waste, or as compost/fertilizer.
Since 2012, the University of Costa Rica and Ricardo Perez Barrantes, Marvin and Felipe Rodriguez have been studying the possibility of creating food-grade cascara using modern technology and pasteurization. The process destroys or deactivates microorganisms and enzymes that contribute to food spoilage or disease risk, including vegetative bacteria, but retains all of the health benefits found in cascara.
In an interesting role reversal, the coffees used were harvested specifically to produce cascara – the coffee seeds are the “by-product” and not the other way around.
It has mild caffeine (about the same amount of caffeine as green tea) and is incredibly stable over time:


Hot infusion:

  • Put 10g of cascara in a carafe or tea infuser

  • Pour 200g of hot water at 95-100°c into the carafe and start the timer (we really like the 1:20 ratio!)
  • Leave to infuse for 5-6 minutes.
  • At the second minute, mix the drink with a spoon
  • Pour the infusion into a hot cup, taking care to retain the cascara

Cold brew:

  • Put 14g of cascara in a carafe or in a tea infuser
  • Pour 200g of hot water at 100°c into the carafe and start the timer
  • Leave to infuse for 7-8 minutes.
  • At the fourth minute, stir the drink with a spoon
  • At the end of the infusion it can be done in two ways:
    • WAY A: Insert some ice cubes into the carafe (we recommend at least 100g/8-10 cubes) and shake quickly to cool the drink without melting the ice too much (even better if you have a shaker). Immediately pour the infusion into a glass with a capacity of at least 300ml, taking care to retain the cascara
    • WAY B: Add 80g of cold water and leave to cool in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.


The Farmgate price is ultimately the real price paid to the farmer who originally produced the coffee (or cascara). Ultimately it is the most transparent price you can find. 
The following costs must then be added to the Farmgate price before arriving at the roastery: 

  • Packaging costs
  • Handling costs at origin
  • Logistics costs (shipping and customs duties)
  • Handling costs on arrival
  • Customs clearance costs and phytosanitary controls in Europe
  • Transport costs within Europe

How to choose:


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Our packages are all packaged in a protected atmosphere (first under vacuum and then we insert nitrogen), using this particular technology which eliminates oxygen in the package, the coffee remains fresh for up to 3 months after roasting.


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We roast in two different ways, dividing into two main groups, based on the type of extraction:

  • Chiara: suitable for Filtro/Aeropress type extractions, or for those looking for a coffee with a note of strong acidity and many aromas.
  • Medium: suitable for Espresso/Moka extractions, or for those who want a coffee with a much more intense flavor and a hint of bitterness.
come scegliere il miglior caffè in base alla tostatura


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There are dozens of different grinds, it can be said that each machine or equipment needs a grind ad hoc.

With us you can choose to buy ground coffee for Moka or Filter.

We have tried to summarize them as follows:

  • Ibrik/Cezve:
  • Espresso:
  • Moka:
  • V60 Filter:
  • Chemex:
  • French Press/Infuser:
Le diverse macinature per i migliori specialty coffee


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Coffee has a limited shelf life when we talk about quality. Even if up to 24 months can be written on the label, generally high quality coffee has lost most of its flavor and aroma in a few months. We recommend drinking it between 10 days and 60 days after the roasting date (provided the bag has never been opened). When the bag is opened, the quality of the coffee always deteriorates rapidly and aromas and flavor are lost within a few days. Unfortunately, the roasting date is not always written, especially by larger companies. On our packages you will find it clearly written on the back.

P.S. our bags are all vacuum packaged with added nitrogen, which extends the potential shelf life of the product.

How to:


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Espresso requires some precision rules:

  • Quality coffee
  • Recommended roasting within 30-40 days
  • Fine grinding
  • Water temperature around 90-92°
  • A single dose of 8-9g (double dose of 15-17g)
  • Extraction time approximately 25 seconds

The use of quality espresso machines (range from €600 and up) can ensure a better result.
Preferably are machines that also have a coffee grinder to grind "fresh" coffee

Macchina espresso specialty coffee


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The Moka requires a little attention:

  • Use filtered or bottled water (NO TAP)
  • Recommended roasting within 30-40 days
  • Medium-fine grinding
  • Fill the boiler with water without exceeding the valve
  • Place the ground coffee into the filter without pressing or making any bumps, simply level it at the edge
  • Place over medium heat
  • Wait for the liquid to rise through the chimney, without letting it gurgle (TURN OFF AS SOON AS THE FLOW OF COFFEE BEGINS TO GO FAST AND COLOURLESS)
  • Mix before serving

The Moka should only be washed with water and any neutral detergents (taking care to rinse carefully with water), never in the dishwasher or with abrasive sponges.

Moka specialty coffee


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Filter or Chemex coffee requires precision in times and weights, some advice:

  • Quality coffee
  • Recommended roasting within 20 days
  • Macinatura media (medio grossa per Chemex)
  • Filtered or bottled water
  • Water temperature of approximately 90-94° depending on the coffee used (generally those washed at higher temperatures)
  • Approximately 15g of ground coffee for every 250g of water (Chemex at least 30g per 500g of water)
  • Pre-infuse for 30-40 seconds by pouring hot water for double the weight of coffee used
  • Pour the water in two or three steps as desired with a rotating direction, being careful not to create too much turbulence
  • Contact/percolation time approximately 3 minutes (4-5 for Chemex)

A light roast is generally recommended for filter systems

Caffè filtro e chemex specialty coffee


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The Aeropress requires some precision rules:

  • Quality coffee
  • Recommended roasting within 20-30 days
  • Medium grind (or as preferred)
  • Use filtered water or bottle
  • Water temperature around 85-90°
  • A dose of approximately 17g per 200-220g of water
  • Pour water for pre-infusion of 30-40 seconds
  • Mix with the appropriate spoon
  • Then pour in the remaining water and close the cap
  • Turn the aeropress upside down and press firmly but steadily until extraction is complete
  • Total contact/infusion time 2-3 minutes
Aeropress best specialty coffee


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There are dozens of different systems for extracting coffee, we have summarized the main ones here but if you need to know how to do the others not on the list, contact us

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