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Caffè commerciale o caffè specialty, quale scegliere?

What is the difference between a commercial coffee and a Specialty Coffee?

Commercial coffee and specialty coffee are two very different categories of coffee. Commercial coffee is generally produced on a large scale and is sold at low prices to a wide range of consumers. Specialty coffee, by contrast, is produced in small quantities and is sold at higher prices because it is considered to be of high quality.

Commercial coffee is often grown in large quantities and often blended with other coffee varieties to create a uniform flavor. Furthermore, these coffees are often roasted at higher temperatures to mitigate defects and give a stronger flavour.

Specialty coffee, on the other hand, is grown in small quantities and often comes from individual plantations or regions. It is grown with care and attention, often using organic or sustainable methods. Furthermore, specialty coffee is roasted at lower temperatures to preserve its unique flavor and distinctive characteristics.

Specialty coffee is evaluated by a panel of professional tasters, known as cuppers, based on specific parameters such as aroma, acidity, body, taste and aftertaste. A coffee that obtains a score higher than 80 out of 100 is considered Specialty Coffee.

Caffè di bassa qualità commerciale
Caffè di grado Specialty

Commercial coffee is generally cheaper than specialty coffee also due to the fact that this type of coffee tends to impoverish the supply chain and the farmers who grow it, but the higher price of specialty coffee is justified by its superior quality and more accurate cultivation and roasting, as well as the sustainability of the supply chain and respect for the work of the farmers. If you are a coffee lover, you can try both types of coffee to fully understand the difference.

In general, commercial coffee is suitable for those looking for a strong and intense flavour, but of poor quality, while specialty coffee is suitable for those looking for a more delicate and distinctive flavor that keeps intact the high quality that distinguishes it. We hope this article has helped you better understand the differences between the two types of coffee and choose the one that's right for you (We have already chosen to work with ethical, sustainable and quality products)

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