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How to do coffee with a Moka pot

How do you prepare the Moka really well?

In the past, the Moka represented a Status Symbol of Italianness in the world until the 90s and then, with the advent of the more convenient capsules, it almost supplanted the Moka, risking making the manufacturing companies market go bankrupt. Today the Moka is experiencing a second youth, thanks to the young people who have rediscovered this way of making coffee.

To prepare a coffee with a Moka, follow these steps:

  1. Fill the lower tank of the Moka with cold water up to the safety valve.

  2. Insert the filter into the coffee maker and fill it with ground coffee. The coffee does not have to be pressed into the Moka, it just needs to be leveled. The ground coffee must be placed in the filter, without being compressed, since the pressure necessary for the passage of the coffee is generated by the pressure of the water rising from the lower part

  3. Place the coffee maker on the heat source (stovetop or fire) and wait for the water to begin to boil.

  4. As the water boils, the coffee will begin to flow into the top carafe.

  5. the coffee maker must be removed from the heat before the coffee finishes flowing, to prevent the coffee from becoming bitter. Once the coffee begins to flow faster into the top carafe, it is important to remove it from the heat source to prevent the coffee from continuing to cook and become bitter. In this way, you can obtain a coffee with a full and aromatic flavour.

  6. Serve and enjoy hot coffee. ATTENTION! Coffee must be stirred before serving it, because the water and coffee tend to separate and are distributed evenly when mixed. This way you can ensure that each cup has the right amount of coffee and water and that the taste is balanced.


    Note: Make sure you clean your Moka regularly to avoid the formation of limescale and rancid coffee.


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