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Perché comprare uno Specialty Coffee? 5 punti fondamentali

Why buy a specialty coffee? 5 key points

By now Specialty Coffee has gone from a simple movement underestimated in the past by big players to a consolidated reality also in the Italian panorama, if on the one hand the numbers are very small and place Specialty Coffee as a niche product, on the other hand the consumption numbers (and appreciation) are constantly growing in our country as well.
So much so that some of those who labeled Specialty Coffee as a passing fashion with an end in a few years, today we see them coming out on the market today with products that somehow try to replicate the idea of Specialty Coffee.
"Specialty and commercial are two opposite markets, which often also have different target customers, so you don't step on your feet"
But when it comes to Specialty Coffee, what is it?
A brief introduction to what a Specialty Coffee is is always good to do
Specialty Coffee is in practice a superior quality coffee (the highest possible on the market), roasted in an appropriate way, sold fresh roasted, so that its conditions are not deteriorated due to long packaging times or other, extracted with the utmost respect for the quality product.
A wonderful and expensive Brunello di Montalcino, not left open for 4 weeks, not shaken several times upside down and not served in paper cups.
Or a fantastic Artisan Panettone by some Master Pastry Chef, taken and crumbled left open for 2 weeks and then soaked in Soya's Milk * (* yes it's not called Latte by law, but it gives a good idea), I spend € 45 for that Panettone , I want to enjoy it to the fullest of its quality.
The differences that a Special Coffee has compared to a non-Special Coffee?
Let's look at these five:
  1. Traceability: Specialty coffees come from a controlled and certain supply chain, the cost that is paid in addition to a different coffee is given by the next point, sustainability. The consumer must make sure that the Products he buys as a Specialty have a supply chain that comes as close as possible to the Farmer (say Brazil Santos, Colombia Supremo, Ethiopia Sidamo, Guatemala SHB, etc ... it's like saying "Italian Red Wine", you would buy it as a Special Wine in the Enoteca?).
  2. Sustainability: Specialty coffees bring out the farmers who produce them, from the logic of the C Market (i.e. the market that suffocates and impoverishes entire populations in Origin), simply because it is based on the principle of Quality, higher quality, higher economic value.
  3. Fair Price: Specialty coffees, being paid more and supporting the supply chain up to the Farmer, allow them a better present and future, send their children to school, give them the essentials for a dignified life, for workers in Origin to have a fair payment that takes them out of poverty and exploitation.
  4. Craftsmanship: A Specialty Coffee also supports the Roaster (usually Artisan) who in his laboratory tries to do his utmost to keep the Quality chain high (if it is true that Artigiano does not necessarily mean "good product", it is true however that working only and exclusively a type of coffee such as the "Specialty" gives you enormous knowledge on how to roast them and respect them).
  5. Quality: Ultimately, buying a Specialty Coffee gives you the certainty that there is a Value inside that package of Coffee, almost always supported by a very high quality, by aromas and flavors that have been lost over the years, stories of people and emotions that arise. in Origin and end up in your Cups.
Artisans and industry are not fish in the same sea, we simply do different jobs, for a different target audience. What I regret is that the mass audience has become addicted to the idea of ​​sometimes drinking bad coffee just because it is cheap. Without giving value to a story, to people, to the supply chain.
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