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Bar Pastry Dealers

Are you tired of being prey to industrial roasters that sell a mediocre product?

Is your coffee often burnt and bad to drink?

Do you have your own equipment and want excellent quality artisanal coffee?

Do you want to stand out from all the bars and pastry shops in your area?

Do you want to be free to choose the best product to offer your customers?

You constantly work hard to keep the quality of the pastry products you sell high, do you want to do the same with coffee?

Do you want an excellent, artisanal coffee that is in the price range of an industrial coffee?

Does the roastery give you a loan for use (NOT free) but do you want to look for a different formula to have your own, convenient equipment that allows you to choose which coffee to use?

If you've ever asked yourself one of these questions, keep reading because we can give you the solution!

Industrial roasting as we know it today is a business that is mostly convenient for the roaster, not for you.

  1. Coffees are bought at low prices and resold at sky-high prices, with multipliers of up to x6 or x8 compared to the purchase price of green coffee. Furthermore, industrial roasters want to oblige you to buy from them forever, which is why they offer you the equipment for fixed rental* (yes, they don't give it to you as a gift, unlike what the agent told you).
  2. The raw material is roasted darker to cover the defects of the coffee, so as to mask them and not make them recognizable to an untrained palate. "It looks like chocolate but it's not..."

We offer you the excellence of the world market, those coffees called "Specialty". They are coffees that have a supply chain that respects farmers and families, that receives a score equal to or higher than 80 points out of 100 and that has a story to tell. If it's good? We leave that up to you and your customers to decide.

(*) free loan for use does not exist in the world of coffee, what your roaster does is a rental of the equipment and services/objects that you ask for, simply recharging your coffee by €5-6 for every kg you order . That coffee, without the services, would cost you over €5 less per kg (if you consume 1kg per day, that's more than €1500 per year)

But be careful, before contacting us, read HERE




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