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This Nicaraguan coffee comes from the Matagalpa area, known for being the land of great coffees. A particularly balanced and aromatic Specialty coffee, with an exotic flavor also thanks to the manufacturing process and the variety used. Aromas of tropical fruit, cocoa and Guacamole, sweet, juicy and persistent in the mouth. A real meditation coffee, suitable for coffee lovers who want an exclusive and satisfying product.

Sensory Description
GCB Score: 87.00 out of 100 points

Sensory profile: Balanced and aromatic
Aroma: Tropical fruit, guacamole, cocoa beans
Taste & Body: Juicy and sweet, very persistent
Note: Peach, avocado, tamarind

 Technical description
Package weight 250g
Area Matagalpa
Cooperative / Farm Finca Aurora
Microlot Aurora Venecia
Altitude 1200-1400m
Variety Venecia
Process Natural, fermentation 96 hours
Humidity 10,0%
Density 705g / l


Full Description


After a selective manual harvest, the ripe cherries are closed in airtight tanks where they ferment anaerobically for 4 days. After fermentation, the cherries are left to dry on raised beds and continuously moved during the day and put to rest covered at night. It takes about 35 days for the cherry to dry perfectly and slowly. The coffee is subsequently shelled, selected and bagged at Beneficio Finca Aurora under the watchful eye of the farm team.
This allows for full quality control throughout the process.

Cooperative / Farm:
The Ferrufino family founded their coffee business in 1992 and acquired Finca Aurora in 2004. The whole family works together to produce excellent coffee using biodynamic methods that work in concert with the local ecosystem. The Venecia variety is known for its high quality potential, especially when planted at higher altitudes, as in the case of Finca Aurora which is between 1,200 and 1,400 meters above sea level. Since they acquired Finca Aurora, the whole family has worked together to produce great coffee. One of their core values is to inspire people through coffee. Over the years they have invested in providing workers with fair wages, safe living conditions, health services, food and education. They also work with smaller producers in the area to help them improve their farming practices.

Preserving nature is an absolute priority for the Ferrufinos, to do so they use a "biodynamic" model, this means that agriculture is done in harmony with the local ecosystem. They use only renewable energy and are diligent about conserving water resources and natural habitats. The farmhouse is home to a variety of native trees, home to many species of birds and wildlife. These trees also provide shade for the plantation and fertilize soils with organic matter, which protects the land from erosion, drought and floods.

* Venecia was selected from a natural mutation Bourbon of the Institute of Café de Costa Rica (ICAFE).
It adapts well to rainy conditions and its small size allows it to be planted more densely per hectare. It produces large kernels and has good potential quality, especially when planted at high altitudes.


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