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This Kenyan coffee is truly elegant and clean, as tradition dictates. Its pleasant and complex acidity finds an ideal location in the light roasting and filter extraction, where the notes of fresh fruit and raspberry and currant stand out. Maintains medium body and good sweetness. On the nose a scent of flowers and honey. A respectable coffee, typically Kenyan (acidity will be high but pleasant).

Sensory Description
GCB Score: 87.25 out of 100 points

Sensory profile: Delicate and balanced
Aroma: Raspberry, Redcurrant
Taste & Body: Medium-high acidity, excellent sweetness, medium body
Note: Red fruits, Ripe tomato skin

 Technical description
Package weight 250g
Origin KENYA
Area Murang'a
Cooperative / Farm Ibutiti
Microlot AA
Altitude 1855m
Variety Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34
Process Washed 
Moisture 11,2%
Density 745g/l


Full Description


It all starts with a careful manual selection of the ripest cherries. The processing involves an aerobic fermentation of the coffee beans for 24-48 hours, after the pulping of the cherries. Once the coffee has reached the correct degree of fermentation (also controlled by pH, it is rinsed in tanks of clean water and then passed into the traditional washing channels to separate the beans by density and size.
It is then dried on raised beds for 8-12 days depending on the temperature and humidity of the moment.

William Murath headed the Ibutiti estate for nearly 50 years. He was not only a coffee farmer, but also a successful businessman. Early on, William built a wine and spirits import and distribution business and later dabbled in politics, even going so far as to represent his Parliament.
William could be very resourceful, but he was extremely addicted to coffee. He built the small washing station that established itself in the 1980s and the family home on the farm shortly thereafter. The washing station is meticulously clean and has a small complete warehouse where all parchment coffees can be stored in optimal conditions.
Unfortunately he passed away in 2017, but luckily for everyone, his son Mercy Murathe took the reins and followed in his father's footsteps with great pride. With over 25 years of experience, Mercy is one of Kenya's leading producers and is the creator of jewels like this great coffee.


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