Specialty Coffee Colombia EL Corozal
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Here is the example of a truly unique Colombian coffee, this Specialty coffee was born from the passion of Delfin Carvajal, owner of Finca El Corozal. A sweet and harmonious, silky and round coffee. With exotic aromas of dates and dried figs. A medium and velvety body, with notes of papaya and date paste (have you ever tried it? It's incredible!). A coffee that will enter your heart for its pleasure.
Sensory description
Our Score:  86.00 out of 100 points

Sensory profile: Silky and round
Aroma: Dates, dried figs
Taste & Body: Complex acidity, medium body, very sweet
Note: Panela sugar, papaya, date paste

 Technical description
Package weight 250g
Origin Colombia
Area Huila
Cooperative / Farm El Corozal
micro lot Dolphin Carvajal
Altitude 1550m
Variety Caturra, colombia, castillo
Process Natural
Humidity 10,4%
Density 745g/l


 Full description

We want to tell you the story of this Specialty Coffee from Colombia, Finca El Corozal, Naturale.

Let's start here:

The Huila Mágico competition is the competition that our importer organized in Pitalito, in the south of Huila, Colombia. Pitalito: a region with a kaleidoscopic range of stories and profiles about coffee to find.

Life as a small coffee farmer is an ongoing challenge, especially if you want to produce better batches.

However, when it comes to dealing with external factors like Covid-19, no one is fully prepared.

The Huila Mágico competition in 2020 was organized precisely for this purpose. To reward the efforts of farmers in the face of the pandemic and, of course, the possibility of finding the highest quality coffee from this region.

It was time! Farmers needed the extra motivation and deserved to be rewarded for their extra effort, especially during these tough times!



Delfin Carvajal is an ambitious and talented man who runs Finca El Corozal. Driven by his curiosity and his entrepreneurial spirit, Delfin shows us his remarkable talent.
Finca El Corozal is located in Garzón, Huila, at an altitude of 1550 m.s.l.m., where Delfín cultivates 20,000 trees. Among the main varieties of coffee planted are Caturra, Castillo and Colombia.

Coffee production is part of a 4-generation family heritage. Finca El Corozal belongs to the Carvajal-Castiblanco family (the family of Delfín and his wife) but is run by Delfín's brother, Euclides Carvajal Córdoba. Finca El Corozal was born as a de facto company of 7 brothers, who bought the first 3 hectares in 2004, then continued to expand the farm until 2011.
Delfín Carvajal's main objective is to optimize space and time during the drying process of its Specialty Coffees, while maintaining all the physical and organoleptic characteristics. Thus, he launched a project focused on mechanical drying and concentrated all his efforts on finding a way to obtain the necessary financial resources. How? The story behind it is noteworthy, read on ...
managed to get "seed capital". For those who are not very familiar, "seed capital" refers to a loan of money granted by the state, which does not have to be repaid until all project requirements are met. To do this, he presented the project based on four fundamental pillars: market, technical, financial and organizational.

Thanks to the help of Mr. Javier Rivera, owner of the Metalcol company in Colombia, Delfín decided to make some technical adjustments focused on the conservation of the beans during the mechanical drying process. This innovation was sufficient for the approval of the project and the disbursement of the loan. It was shown that this project would have an impact on one of the main sectors of the country's economy.

For a year Delfin had continuous checks by auditors who verified whether the project had been maintained over time. It was! Today it is truly a great success, also because its goal is to expand its efforts in favor of the production of specialty coffee.

Delfin's fermentation process for its natural coffee involves 14 hours in the cherries, then dried for about 8-12 days on solar dryers. The process is then completed by going through mechanical drying for 32 hours at 36 ° C.

Our relationship with Delfín is not new. In 2020 we had El Corozal Lavato which was an incredible success!


The coffee is paid to the farmer, dried with parchment at € 5.50 / kg, delivered to the purchasing station, with cash payment after delivery.
Prices are transparent and paid in relation to quality. Both physical and sensory characteristics are evaluated at Pitalito.

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