Cascara Specialty Coffee Bolivia Gesha
Cascara infuso Bolivia
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Fancy a juicy cascara infusion from Bolivia of the Gesha variety? Here you can find the best.
What is the Cascara? Cascara in Spanish means "shell" because this is exactly what it is about. It is used by farmers to make some infusions instead of coffee, the Cascara is very rich in sugars in the full phase of ripeness, the Cascara infusion has notes of plum, cherry and red fruit.
Sensory writing
Sensory profile: Sweet and juicy
Aroma: Black cherry, hibiscus, raspberry
Taste & Body: Sweet and with a marked malic acidity, round body.
Note: Plum, cherry, red fruits
 Technical description
Package weight 100g
Origin Bolivia
Area Caranavi
Cooperative / Farm Giullermo Chuquimia
Microlot Finca Cucho
Altitude 1600-1700m
Variety Gesha
Process Freshly stripped


Full description

It is the outer part of the peel with the layer just below which is then the pulp of the cherry. The Cascara is very rich in sugars in full ripening phase, which is why the harvest of the drupe is very important even when you want to produce the Cascara.

In particular, this Cascara comes from a Gesha variety grown in the Cucho Farm in Bolivia. It is obtained from the pulping of the cherries in the washed process (the drupes remain whole in this way). Cascara is generally not sold as an infusion fruit because it is difficult to process and dry properly.

It is used by farmers to make some infusions instead of coffee, while for the most part it becomes an excellent organic compost.

Cascara Gesha coffee infusion, pIt can become an extraordinary product that can be used in different preparations, also thanks to its caffeine content (although less than coffee), it is a pleasant energizer used as a hot infusion, or a refreshing drink on hot summer days, if used cold.

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The recommended recipe for Cascara Gesha coffee infusion:

Hot infusion:

  • 5g of Cascara for 200g of hot water at 100 ° c,
  • leave to infuse for 5-6 'and then serve (you can use an infuser, or filter before serving)

Cold drink:

  • follow the recipe for the infusion, then cool,
    serve together with ice cubes in a glass (it can be kept cold for at least 2-3 days in the refrigerator).

The Gesha Variety Cascara from Bolivia, in particular from Finca Cucho, is for us an extraordinary alternative to the more common energizing fruit infusions.

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