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Blend Specialty Coffee The STEAM Co.
Blend Specialty Coffee The STEAM Co.
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The Steam is a 100% specialty Arabica blend, designed by the roaster to obtain a strong, elegant and naturally sweet coffee. It is the coffee of Garage Coffee Bros. in which the experience and sensitivity of taste of the roaster is recognized, who chooses which coffee to use in the blend and the type of roasting. Cocoa, hazelnuts, brown sugar and butter biscuits are just some of the taste points of this special coffee.


Sensory description

Sensory profile: Balanced and sweet
Aroma: Hazelnuts, plums, lemon tea, tropical fruit
Taste & Body: Sweet and balanced, soft and intense, full body
Note: Cocoa, hazelnuts, blueberry jam, plums, brown sugar, butter biscuits

Technical description
Package weight 250g
Origin Brazil-Ethiopia
Process Semi washed-washed-natural
Humidity 10,1%
Density 725g / l


Full description

When we decided to produce our Arabica Specialty The Steam Co. blend, we had a clear idea of the project's mission, to produce a unique coffee, for help Barista to sell high quality coffee to daily customers.

By studying the profile, we wanted to highlight "Sweetness and Balance", our two strengths that we have always had in mind.

We started exploring the coffees on the market, trying as the Chef does every day, to combine them roasting after roasting.

The Composition of the 100% Specialty Arabica Blend "The STEAM Co.":

We have finally found the excellent base with Mantiqueira de Minas coffee from Brazil which gives incredible notes of hazelnut and cocoa.

Adding the elegance and complexity that Ethiopia Bensa Washed can give.

We have added molasses and blueberry jam notes with our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Naturale.

"The STEAM & Co."is ideal with milk-based drinks, where the coffee can bring out more and more the balance and the sweetness of the milk itself, you will discover an entire" pastry menu "in the mouth, like flavors.


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