Who We Are

Garage Coffee Bros.

We think that quality coffee should be accessible to everyone. In order to do this, we built our project on the basis of the values in which we firmly believe in.

CHAIN: We believe in respecting the Coffee Supply Chain, we want a direct dignified relationship with those people who, on the other side of the world, grow, process and work with high quality coffee, because they are families, as we are.

TRANSPARENCY: The doors of our Roastery are always open. That’s a bit like modern restaurants’ kitchens. We are ready to share our choices and our philosophy with you.

INNOVATION: We are enthusiastic experimenters, we love to innovate and seek out the reason of everything. We believe that the web allows us to break down the walls and get closer to you.

QUALITY: We select, we roast, we taste, and we buy only the best coffee in the world. We don’t do that because they are famous or trendy, but because after a careful tasting we perceive something unique and extraordinary in them.

ENVIRONMENT: We adopt an advanced system to reduce CO2 well below the legal limits. We do so not because we have to, but because we want to. Nature should not be weakened by what man does.

WE COLLECT THEM FRESH: we work with green coffee beans coming from freshly harvested crops. They are more expensive, but they guarantee a higher quality product. We do not take into consideration green coffee beans that have been harvested over 12 months ago.